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Checking In

Letter: Don’t miss the JYRA Reunion!

By Chris Szepessy

What the heck is JYRA? Well, at one time it stood for Junior Yacht Racing Association and has since been renamed Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound. We had a reunion of JYRA sailors in 2009, and we have been encouraged to do an encore performance.

Publisher's Log

Don’t let Perfect be the enemy of Good (enough)

By Benjamin Cesare

My father was an artisan. He loved craft and beauty. So much so that as a kid, if I wanted to fashion a new Laser tiller in his shop, I had to be sure to cut and drill the Montreal hockey stick and attach the PVC tube for a tiller extension when he was not around. Otherwise, while he might appreciate my logic for the weight-to-strength ratio of those laminated Montreal shafts, he would be far more concerned with why I had not chosen mahogany.

Checking In

Connecticut Reduces Boat Sales Tax

By Chris Szepessy

Last month, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a revised state budget that reduces the state sales tax on boats, engines and trailers. The new sales tax rate of 2.99 percent, a reduction from the previous 6.35 percent, goes into effect July 1, 2018.

Coop's Corner

When the Force IS with You

By Joe Cooper

When the Force IS with You

Australian born, Joe ‘Coop’ Cooper stayed in the U.S. after the 1980 America’s Cup where he was the boat captain and sailed as Grinder/Sewer-man on Australia. His whole career has focused on sailing, especially the short-handed aspects of it. He lives in Middletown, RI where he coaches, consults and writes on his blog,, when not paying attention to his wife, teenage son, dog, two cats and several, mainly small, boats.

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