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Subject matter
We’re interested in articles about sailing in the Northeast (coastal New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts) or sailors from this region cruising or racing elsewhere. Articles can be about cruising to destinations in the Northeast and beyond, race or regatta previews or reports, the junior sailing scene, or practical hands-on pieces about boat maintenance, upgrades, repair or restoration.

Brevity is important! Most of the articles we publish are approximately 1,500 words, although shorter or longer is fine (we have occasionally run stories in the 3,000-word range).

Please send your article in Microsoft Word document format, preferably via e-mail. Text can be pasted in the e-mail if needed. We can also accept articles on CD.

In addition to our print issue, your article will appear online at where it will be read by sailors around the world, so please include the following information: If you’re writing a report on a race, regatta or other event, please include the basics: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Please include the following information about each boat you mention: the owner’s name, the boat type, the boat name (in italics), and the hailing port (in parentheses). Here’s an example: Jim Bishop’s J/44 Gold Digger (Jamestown, RI)

When writing about doublehanded boats (one-design or big boats), please include the names and hometowns of the skipper and crew.

Single space the text, leave a space between paragraphs, and indent the first line of the paragraph.

Use only one space between the period at the end of a sentence and the beginning of the next sentence.

Don’t use single quotation marks ( ‘ ) around words. Use double quotes ( “ ) unless it’s a quote within a quote.

Write boat names in italics with a capital first letter, and don’t use quotes around them or write them in all caps.

Don’t put any words in all caps, including titles.

Don’t use bullets or numbering unless they are typed (don’t put them in as format.)

Send photographs as attachments (preferably in jpeg format) at the highest possible resolution (the bigger, the better; 200 dpi for inside the magazine and 300 dpi for cover shots).

Please don’t embed photographs into the text.

Please include information for captions (location, boat type and name, names of people in the photo, etc.)

Include the name of the photographer(s).

How to Submit

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