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Quick, Honey, Put This On!

By Vincent Pica

A number of years ago, as I was doing a (free) vessel exam for the owner of a very substantial yacht, I got to the part where I ask to see the life jackets. He pointed me to a locker, which I opened to find the life jackets, stowed under an anchor, chain and additional rode. This column is about that.


Broker Tips: Just Make an Offer

By Benjamin Cesare

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During spring, we all hear brokers urging our customers to just “make the seller an offer,” or “give me a number that I can give to my seller.” Or, my favorite, “Just make an offer, you have nothing to lose!” The fact is making an offer on a yacht through a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) is no different than making an offer on a favorite vacation property or condo that you have been dreaming about and are now in a position to buy.

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