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Coaches’ Corner: Fine Tune Your Boathandling

By Chris Szepessy

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Whether it’s getting the hang of “tiller toward trouble” in an Optimist or learning the feel of the wheel on a keelboat, one of the first things that a beginner sailor learns is how to steer the boat with the rudder. However, using the rudder is not the only way to steer.


Sailing Fitness in the Off-Season

By Chris Szepessy

Temperatures hover around freezing, the daylight hours are short and those sailing boots have most likely been pushed to the farthest depths of your closet. By now, most boats are hibernating safely in the garage or basement. Yes, it’s winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in “sailing shape” during the off-season…and it might be easier than you think!

Coop's Corner

A Glimpse of Pitcairn

By Joe Cooper

In late July of 1999, I had what some might call the good fortune to be among the few in the world who have seen Pitcairn in the flesh. I was accompanying the yacht I was the master of, on a steamer, sailing from New Zealand to the U.S. and we passed by within the proverbial biscuit toss of this infamous island.


Letters – December 2013

By Benjamin Cesare

Charting a New Course: A Response to NOAA Discontinuing Lithograph Charts A lot is being written about the “crisis” over NOAA ceasing lithograph nautical chart production. This decision was as inevitable as the decline of the horse and buggy as a primary form of transportation. It’s simply a story of obsolete technology. The reality is,…


Dock Art

By admin

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I figured that there had to be a better way to handle the excess dockline that was left over after properly and neatly wrapping the line on the cleat when docking.

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