Zim Sailing, a Bristol, RI-based subsidiary of Starting Line Sailing Inc., recently launched Zim Sailing Regional Roundtables, one-day brainstorming and group discussion gatherings designed to bring together sailing community and industry leaders from particular geographical regions to collaborate on various aspects of the sport.

Zim Sailing Regional Roundtables will serve as a platform for individuals and organizations within the sailing community to connect, network, share concerns and best practices, learn from one another, and ultimately help each other develop solutions focused on their specific region of the country.

“Attending popular and large conference events throughout the country can sometimes be cost and time prohibitive for some folks, so the Regional Roundtables will allow for the trickle down of discussions at those bigger events into the regions for the general sailing population to grasp and act upon,” said Josh Toso, Director of Marketing for Starting Line Sailing. “We are a reflection of our community, and we believe we can help strengthen that community, and the reason we’re all here is to bring people together to enjoy the sport we all love.”

“Zim Sailing has always been intrigued and eager to participate in regional conferences around the country because the personal interaction has allowed us to build our business in a way to best serve the sailing community,” commented Bob Adam, Director of Institutional Sales at Zim Sailing. “We started out with three or four boats at Zim Sailing, and now we have nearly thirty boats in our product line. Without the recommendations and meeting the needs of our customers we would never have done that, so it’s really allowed our business to grow and support sailors of all types, ages, skill levels, and disciplines. We’re excited to continue listening and adapting through the Zim Sailing Regional Roundtables.”

The Zim Sailing Regional Roundtables schedule is still being developed and finalized. Zim Sailing intends to hold one or two Regional Roundtables on the West Coast this fall, and is working on planning winter and spring events for other regions. For more information including schedules, registration, and resources, visit zimsailing.com/regional-roundtables. ■