Mental Skills Applications for Improved Sailing Performance

By Karen Jewell

Seaworthy Publications   80 pages   $25

Being physically fit is essential for success in sailboat racing (just ask Anna), but mentally prepared is an equally important component of peak performance on the water. Karen Jewell, a certified fitness trainer and mental skills coach, shares her expertise to help you successfully navigate those times when your head gets in the way of your body, negotiate emotional ups and downs, pull yourself out of a slump, improve your confidence, and get yourself up to he front of the fleet.

Beautifully designed with easy to follow applications and inspirational photography, Inside the Mind’s Eye is a highly recommended source of motivation and inspiration for competitive and recreational sailors of all ages and skill levels. To order a print edition or ebook, log onto

Karen Jewell is a certified fitness trainer and mental skills coach for sports. She has been involved with watersports for over 30 years in many capacities, penned a weekly column titled ‘Water Views’ for eleven years, and has three previously published books about the history of the waterfront. ■

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