MudratzMudRatz, a youth sailing team in Southeastern Connecticut founded “to complement the local sailing programs offered by the yacht clubs of the region by enabling enthusiastic sailors to practice in the spring and fall as well as travel as a team to regattas around the country,” is the lucky recipient of a donated Melges 24.

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“The reputation of the Melges 24 precedes itself,” said MudRatz President Brandon Flack. “Best known for its very competitive disposition and easy-to-sail personality, this modern sportboat maintains its status as a leader in high-performance, one-design yachting. With hundreds sailing around the world, it continues a tradition as a platform for America’s Cup, Olympic medalists, and Volvo Ocean Race sailors. Simply put, the Melges 24 builds better sailors.”

“Starting this May, look for MudRatz ‘Sportboat Saturday’ practices, followed by the team joining the Donzo Wednesday Night Series with the Mystic River Mudheads,” Flack continued. “This all leads up to our first year goal of sending a youth team to the 2016 Melges 24 Worlds in Miami this November, where we are already registered in the 100+ boat event!”

“Bridging the gap between junior and adult sailing is one of the most challenging aspects of our sport today,” said Flack. “Enthusiastic kids often find themselves as young adults who drop out of sailing due to limited time and large financial constraints. Having a Melges 24 will allow our youths to see firsthand what the next level of racing is all about. This awesome platform will open up some huge doors for them into a world they might not have known even existed! If you are interested in sailing with us, contributing to our group of volunteers, or making a tax-deductible donation, log onto”

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