A poem by Storm Trysail Club LIS Station Captain Buttons Padin

In Marblehead they gather at Maddie’s,

They meet at The Boat Yard in Naptown,

In Newport, STC goes to IYAC,

But we’ve not found a home on the Sound!

We all like to meet and swap sea tales,

To sip rum and some grog and some beer.

But we miss our STC buddies,

‘Cause we’re scattered afar yet so near.

So the Eds went to work on this problem,

That’s Buttons (he’s Ed) and Cesare,

To find a home for our burgee,

Where sailors would not travel far.

It had to be centrally located,

Drawing Sounders from both east and west,

Aha!, the two Eds yelled with conviction,

Ponus Yacht Club passes the test!

It’s located on the water in Stamford,

It takes credit cards and that rare commodity…cash,

They are open on all Wednesday evenings,

And will host a monthly STC bash.

We started on February 28th,

The third Wednesday of months following on,

We’ll hoist up our mugs to our Hobart sailors,

Who’ll thrill us with stories and song.

So click to tell us that you’ll be there,

Bring STC buddies and don’t come alone,

Doors open at 1800 at Ponus,

This may be our station’s new home.

The Long Island Sound Station of the Storm Trysail Club meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Ponus Yacht Club. This friendly club is located at 41 Bateman Way in Stamford, CT and can be reached at 203-323-7157. The next meeting is Wednesday, April 18. For more information, log onto stormtrysail.org and ponusyachtclub.com.

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