I love the content and format of WindCheck. I am a Rhodes 19 racer/sailor, and dabble in other sailing opportunities whenever I can. My sailing experiences are rooted in two seasons of Mirror dinghy racing with my dad on the Swan River (fresh water bay) in Perth, Western Australia as a young teen in 1970 – 1972. On the line with over 50 other Mirrors, we got up close and personal with hundreds of other racers from small boats up to America’s Cup wannabe Challengers.

Your magazine fills a void in the region, for those of us interested in sailing to keep up with other events and happenings. The ‘On Watch’ and Editor’s Log are where I start. I sail out of the Coasters Harbor Navy Yacht Club now, with a daysailer parked in the backyard until I can stop the day job.

See you on the water,

David Dill, PE, Warwick, RI

David – Thank you for the kind words. Our intrepid Contributing Editor Joe Cooper hails from Sydney, and would likely enjoy blowin’ the froth off a couple with you.