Our friend Gregor Tarjan, founder and president of Aeroyacht Ltd. in Setauket, NY, is pleased to present the new NEEL 52 sailing trimaran. The NEEL 52 s a brand-new concept by famed French designer Marc Lombard, who is also responsible for the NEEL 43 and NEEL 47 designs. The boat replaces the highly successful NEEL 51 cruising yacht, of which over 40 units have been crafted.

The NEEL 52


The NEEL 52 trimaran has some dynamic improvements in her hull design. Her central hull embodies a deep rocker (for quick maneuvers and great load bearing) yet her fine and long-waterline amas (outer hulls) help tracking and greatly improve stability and sail carrying ability. This all results in a quick yacht that can already sail at windspeed at under 8 knots of breeze. This is a feat that hardly any other multihull with the same volume can achieve. The boat’s sailing systems are cleverly laid out in such a way that one person can easily sail, reef and maneuver the boat.

Her interior is cavernous, a mix of luxurious spaces and modern, clean styling. The NEEL 52 can be ordered in two different versions, one with the trademark master cabin and galley on the main deck or one with a larger chef- galley with an adjacent bar. Both versions can be configured with various number of staterooms in the amas. The NEEL 52 also features the expansive salon/cockpit (Cockloon) as well as a cavernous systems and engine room under the main deck. Weight centering and access to maintain machinery has always been at the heart of NEEL’s design philosophy.

Pro-built at NEEL’s state of the art production facility, the NEEL 52 is crafted using a hybrid composite construction, utilizing carbon in high stress areas, PET recycled foam as a core, and epoxy based Isophthalic resins. The boat carries the highest offshore Category A ECC certification. Limited delivery slots for 2023 are still available. For more information, contact Aeroyacht.com, dealers for NEEL Trimarans. ■