100 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Voyage

By Michelle Segrest

Published by Navigate Content, Inc. 102 pages E-book

Our friend Michelle Segrest has written the definitive work on the subject of bringing canine companions on board a sailboat. If you’re contemplating a sail with your dog, whether for an afternoon or an ocean crossing, How to Sail with Dogs is a wealth of information about everything you need to know to sail comfortably and safely with dogs.

Chapters (each chockfull of photos and hyperlinks to supplemental data on the web) include Pet-Friendly Boats, Travel with Dogs by Air, Safety at Sea, The Great Potty Experiment, Extreme Temperatures, and When It’s Not Dog Friendly. Particularly useful are “Our First-Aid Kit for Dogs,” a very comprehensive list of vital meds and supplies, and “The Menu You Should Never Let Your Dog Order,” comprising people foods that are dangerous for dogs. (There’s also a list of which people foods are OK for canine consumption.)

The author and partner Maik and a pair of Beagles named Cap’n Jack and Scout have sailed their 43-foot steel ketch Seefalke across the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and Bay of Biscay, along the Atlantic coasts of Spain and Portugal into Africa, to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, and then across the Atlantic to Brazil and up the South American coast to French Guiana and Suriname. Truly salty seadogs, Cap’n Jack and Scout have logged over 9,400 sea miles and visited more than fifteen countries on four continents.

Journalist Michelle Segrest is the president of a full-service content creation firm called Navigate Content, Inc., and she works hard for her clients even while sailing around the world. Born and raised in Alabama, she sailed for the first time a decade ago and was immediately hooked. To order a copy of How to Sail with Dogs (as well as Michelle’s many other fine books including Cap’n Jack & Scout’s Travel Adventures, a series for young readers based on the adorable Beagles’ real-life journeys), log onto navigatecontent.com. ■