The 13th running of the YRALIS annual regatta nailed it on so many levels.

YRA ChampionshipsThe weather forecast for Saturday, Aug. 5, the first day of the two-day regatta, predicted heavy rain and lightening all day, implying skippers should expect just about anything short of a monsoon.  That was mid-week before the regatta. And wouldn’t you just know it? Saturday dawned with some light rain early but by the time of the first warning, the skies were cloudy but no rain in sight.

Michael Millard and Christine D’Amico won the Ideal 18 Class. ©Mary Alice Fisher/

Sunday was more of the same. Year after year the YRA cashes in favors to Mother Nature (don’t even ask) and she smiles on Long Island Sound in the vicinity of Riverside YC, Indian Harbor YC and American YC.

Wind on Long Island Sound, never great, but during the month of August is almost non-existent.  So why do teams come back year after year knowing they might be floating around in blistering sunshine with high humidity for a two-day regatta the first weekend in August?  But come they do…year after year.  Entry for this year’s regatta hit 115 boats – the highest scratch sheet since the race began 13 years ago.  According to YRA President, Steve Cain, “The YRA regatta this year is the biggest regatta on Long Island Sound after Larchmont YC Race Week.”  It could be that the YRA has not raised entry fees like forever.  Or possibly, the regatta is known for the great Race Committees at all three clubs and/or the great parties after racing.  But when the last analysis is finalized, the real story of why this regatta reached new heights this year is due to many people, but one in particular stands out: Cynthia Parthemos, YRA Vice President and Regatta Chair.  She waived her magic wand and sprinkled stardust on the regatta.  She also paid attention to detail and brought years of experience to management.

Soverel 33 class

© Andrea Watson

YRA Champs are considered a regatta for everyone. From the Lasers and Ideal 18s, one design fleets to PHRF boats, there are opportunities for all to shine. This year the regatta hosted the Soverel 33 Nationals – and there were four boats competing in YCC (Youth Challenge Cup).  In a very competitive Soverel 33 division, skippers MIDN Ethan Neubelt and MIDN Brendan White and their crew from United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) came in 3rd place.  Under the leadership of YRA Board Member, Peter Becker, the Young American team, American YC, came in first in the J/105 division.  Congrats to both teams.

Many thanks to the YRALIS Regatta committee:  Charles Powers, Lloyd Harbor YC, Mike Millard, Indian Harbor YC, Dana O’Brien, Riverside YC and, of course, Regatta Chair, Cynthia Parthemos, Larchmont YC.  Additional thanks to Mary Savage, Larchmont YC for running the Protest Committee and Bob Counihan, Sprite Island YC, Scorer.

A very special thank you to Commodores, Flag Officers and Race Committees:  Riverside YC and Commodore Pruett, Indian Harbor YC and Commodore Nye, and American YC and Commodore Giglia.

Lawrence MgrathFinally, a round of applause and thank you to our sponsors: Brooklyn Sailbags, Regatta Ginger Beer, Carlsberg Beer, Lemon and Line, North Sails and UK Sailmakers

Lawrence McGrath was awarded best overall performance in the small one design classes. ©Mary Alice Fisher/

Partial Results:

Viper 640:  1. Ghost Panda, David Owen, 2. #158, David Larson 3. Freebird, Nicholas DuBois.

J/70:  1. AYCIWKC, Megan Ploch, 2. Loki, Michael Zupon, 3. Analog, Ryan Davidson.

Etchells: 1. Tar & Feathered, Don Dowd and Sandy Weil, 2. Marx Bros, Chris Marx, 3. Peter, Daniel Smith.

IOD: 1. Volunteer, Jennifer Miller.  Shields: 1. Checkmate, Fred Werblow, 2. Katherine, Douglas Campbell, 3. Cornelia Azzaretti/Carr.

S-Boats 1. Kandahar2, Robert Mehlich.

Lasers:1. Mighty Mouse, Lawrence MeGrath, 2. JFY, Jean Fillion, 3. #211541, Amnon Gitelson.

Ideal 18: 1. Whiskey, Michael Millard, 2. Sierra, Steve Schmidt, 3. Yankee, Thomas Ingram.

J/88:  Escape, Elizabeth Barry, 2. Velocity, Kevin Marks, 3. Nevermore, Ken & Drew Hall.

J/105: 1. Young American YCC, Young American Jr. Big Boat Team.

Soverel 33: 1. Slainte, Mark McCarthy, 2. Mischief, Tom Griffin, 3. Sabotage YCC, Midshipman Ethan Neubelt

PHRF I: 1. Coyote, Bill Clemens, 2. Skye, Ty Anderson, 3. Quintessence, Roger Widmann.

PHRF II:  1. Frequent Flyer, Alistair Duke, 2. Zuma, Steve Chronert, 3. Joyride, Greg Imbruce.

PHRF III: 1. Hound Dog, Christian Uecker, 2. Thin Man, Todd Aven, 3. Upsetter, Jason Viseltear.

PHRF Navigator-Non-Spinnaker: 1. Rascal, Christopher Schneider, 2. Impulse, Len Di Iorio, 3. Brilliant, Arthur Kelley.

Winners for the most outstanding performance among the competitors in their respective racing circle:

Best One Design Offshore Performance: Slainte, Mark McCarthy

Small One Design Best Performance: Mighty Mouse, Lawrence McGrath

Best Performance Sport Boat, J/70: AYCIWKC, Megan Ploch

Best Performance In-Shore Viper 640:  Ghost Panda, David Owen.

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