Due to unforeseen developments, we regretfully announce the cancellation of this year’s edition of the Sail Black Rock/Oakcliff Sailing/WindCheck Youth Essay Contest. The contest had an excellent topic (“Why I Want to Push My Limits and Sail Offshore”) and a truly fantastic prize package through the generosity of Oakcliff Sailing Executive Director Dawn Riley, Storm Trysail Foundation Chairman Rich du Moulin, and our friends at Gill North America.

Unfortunately, circumstance has forced our hand and we’ve hoisted the “N” flag. To all the young sailors who submitted essays, thank you very much for entering. We promise this popular contest will return in 2021. For updates, be sure to visit Oakcliff Sailing’s and WindCheck’s social media. ■

The Sail Black Rock/Oakcliff Sailing/WindCheck Youth Essay Contest will be back next year! © Francis George/Oakcliff Sailing