We are very proud of our efforts to promote the activities of women in our sport. We are coming up on a year and half of our regular feature, Women on the Water. Not that WindCheck needed to really increase our coverage, but Coop thought it would be cool to lock in a monthly bio of female sailors in the WindCheck area, from New Jersey to New Bedford.

Our first victim was Martha Parker which of course was so perfect but I have to say, Martha was lucky to grab that first spot because the
avalanche of accomplished, fascinating women, young and old who have filled the next fourteen issues is truly remarkable. I encourage you to go to our website at windcheckmagazine.com, where you can search “Women on the Water” and read Coop’s interview with Martha from back in March of ‘21 right up to Barby McGowan this June or Christina Brophy in July (who was actually an On Watcher). It’s really gratifying how easy this spot is to fill and how co-ed our sport and the industries that support it are. (One might argue that yacht clubs have not really seen this in the ranks of their flag officers. Hmmmmm…that might be a further indication of superior female intelligence, but I digress).

This “Women in WindCheck” phenom carries on mightily in August 2022, with no less than four feature stories penned by or about women in the sport. First up, on page 16, is a recounting of this year’s Newport Bermuda Race by Sarah Wilme of Team Bitter End, the youngest all-women team in the race’s history. Next, L. South Fulweiler brings us aboard St. George’s School’s 70-foot cutter Geronimo for a transatlantic passage. Coop caught up with Sara Stone, who along with co-skipper Cat Hunt won the very first Bermuda Short-Handed Return Race, and Mayla Guidi invites us to join the fun at Clinton Sailing Club, located in the Bluefish Capital of the World.

And then you will enjoy some really nice cruising pieces submitted by readers and our usual excellent lineup of columns. Topping off August is what is now our second-year tradition, a great Conversations with Classic Boats piece by Tom Darling which will be celebrated at this year’s Opera House Cup in Nantucket. Hopefully you will be reading this there!

See you on the water!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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