Our friends at Warrior Sailing, an official program of the USMMA Sailing Foundation that provides maritime education and outreach for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans, have launched the BOLD Campaign, a five-year plan to change the lives of 750 Armed Forces veterans through sailing…and this amazing organization needs the support of the WindCheck Community!


Warrior Sailing reconnects veterans to the camaraderie and teamwork previously found in military service. © warriorsailing.org


“Since 2013, Warrior Sailing has learned how to effectively change the lives of veterans through sailing,” said Ben Poucher, Warrior Sailing’s Program Director. “Last year has shown us all how much connections and belonging means to each of us, and Warrior Sailing reflected on what we have learned over the last seven years of operations. The BOLD Campaign puts all of these lessons into a goal-oriented snapshot of our plans to continue executing life changing sailing opportunities for veterans in need.”

The BOLD Campaign comprises:

B – Basic Level Training (adaptive equipment, sailing basics)

O – On-Board Certifications (keelboat certifications and safety-at-sea training)

L – Life-Changing Opportunities (coastal cruising, seamanship, and racing)

D – Directorship (leadership, coaching & sustainability)

“Please take this opportunity to decide what part of the BOLD Campaign you are most interested in assisting us with,” Poucher continued. “We will be sending out highlights from our accomplishments in a very difficult year of 2020, but more importantly, looking to engage our donor and support base to get involved as we look to the future.”

“More than ever, we need each other. Sailing provides this avenue for many and Warrior Sailing has set its sights on a BOLD way to look at the future. Please consider being a part of the change and connection created through our program!” To learn how you can support this remarkable program, visit warriorsailing.org. ■

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