Learn what to do when the unexpected happens. Increase safety and enjoyment through partnership.

Published by the Cruising Club of America
55 pages   spiral bound   $20

Our friends at the Cruising Club of America (CCA) have released an updated and revised edition of the essential resource on the subject of safe shorthanded sailing. Originally published in 2001 as Suddenly Alone, Safety for Cruising Couples is designed to be used as part of the CCA’s popular and successful Safety for Cruising Couples seminars, which were created to help raise the competence and confidence of crew members on power- and sailboats navigating coastal waters.

Beginning with the fundamental skipper and crew partnership, this new edition includes updated information on electronic navigation aids, expanded guidelines for calling for help using a VHF radio, how to deal with various onboard emergencies (particularly if you find yourself suddenly in command of the vessel), man overboard (MOB) rescue techniques, and how to prepare yourself, your crew and your boat before casting off your docklines. Also included are practice sessions, checklists and an enhanced additional resources section.

Thoughtfully printed on weatherproof paper and spiral bound so it’ll lay flat at a nav station or in a cockpit, this is a workbook built for on-board use in conjunction with a ‘write-anywhere’ pen. Reading it (and attending the seminar!) will improve your seamanship skills so that you can enjoy a safer, more enjoyable cruising experience. To purchase your copy (or perhaps multiple copies to share with your favorite sailing couples and families), log onto sas.cruisingclub.org/scc.

The CCA’s Safety for Cruising Couples seminars cover a range of vital safety practices, with particular emphasis on completing a safe voyage with a small crew. If you’re interested in hosting this seminar at your yacht club or boating organization (with free assistance from the CCA), you’ll find more information at the web address above, as well as a list of upcoming seminars. ■

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