Zim 15The latest model from Zim Sailing in Warren, RI, the Zim 15 was created to keep young sailors engaged in the sport after collegiate racing. Designed by Steve Clark, the Zim 15 has a rig by Southern Spars with mast bend characteristics that enable a large upwind sail plan (a 114-square foot main and 39-square foot jib by North Sails) that also provides good downwind performance without a spinnaker or gennaker.

“We designed the Zim 15 for the 20-30 year olds looking for more excitement,” said Bob Adam, Zim Sailing’s Vice President of Sales. “The high dropoff rate after college is not new, and a more exciting product will help keep more young sailors on the water.” The Zim 15 weighs 190 pounds all-up, and the suggested retail price is $11,500. For more information, visit zimsailing.com.