Founded to promote competitive racing on fast boats while providing opportunities for learning and camaraderie, the Narragansett Adult Athletic Sailing Association boasts one of the fastest growing fleets around.   ©


Sailing has long been regarded as a sport that combines athleticism, strategy, and a deep connection with the natural elements. In Newport, Rhode Island, a vibrant community of sailing enthusiasts has come together to form the Narragansett Adult Athletic Sailing Association (NAASA). With a commitment to promoting and supporting adult athletic, competitive sailing, NAASA has emerged as a dynamic league that not only fosters a spirit of healthy competition but also provides opportunities for learning and camaraderie.

NAASA recognizes the importance of nurturing a new generation of sailors and welcoming newcomers to the sport. In pursuit of this objective, the league organizes free clinics every Friday, aimed at introducing individuals who are interested in sailing F18s to the boats. These clinics serve as an excellent stepping stone for people who want to get into high performance sailing, providing them with fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to navigate fast boats.

Thrilling Regattas

At the heart of NAASA’s activities are the highly competitive regattas held every other weekend throughout the summer season. These regattas serve as an arena for skilled sailors to showcase their expertise and passion for the sport. The league has already conducted two regattas this summer, each offering unique experiences.

The Wickford Regatta, the first event of the season, was met with unfortunate weather conditions day one, but rebounded with gusto. The second day offered windy and shifty conditions. Between Team Guck, Lars and Olin Guck; Team Payne Capital Management, Cam Farrah and Kaleigh Morgan; and Team Fastnet Pub, Marina Barzaghi and Chris Maanson, the racing was competitive and opportunistic. The second regatta, NAASA Regatta one, delivered fantastic racing opportunities with strong, favorable winds and an exhilarating race course.

The first day of racing was buoy racing north of Gould Island, scores were tight in between team Surf Club, Tripp Burd and Mike Easton, and Team Guck. Sunday, the second race day, was a distance race around Jamestown which finalized the scores making Team Surf Club the winners of this event. These regattas serve not only as a platform for intense competition but also as an opportunity for sailors to connect, share ideas, and exchange valuable insights.

Building a Supportive Community

While competitiveness drives NAASA’s sailors, they also foster a spirit of collaboration and mentorship within the league. Members actively support and encourage younger sailors, offering advice and sharing their knowledge on boat settings, techniques, and strategies. This culture of camaraderie and mentorship not only enhances the overall experience of sailing but also ensures that the league thrives as a community of passionate sailors.

NAASA stands as a shining example of a sailing league dedicated to fostering athletic excellence, camaraderie, and community engagement. Through free clinics, highly competitive regattas, and a supportive network, NAASA provides a platform for sailors of all skill levels to explore the exhilarating world of competitive sailing. As the league continues to grow and thrive, it is sure to leave an indelible mark on the sailing community, both in Narragansett and beyond. To join the fun, visit ■

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