I really like the glorious cover of this month’s WindCheck. The light, the composition and of course, the lines of the S Boats are really striking. Then you have the picture of the Star sailors from the 1920s in our running of an excerpt from Carol Cronin’s 100 Years of Gold Stars. They don’t look exactly like Captain Nat’s more important clients, but for some guys mixing it up in a brand new one-design they look pretty dapper. Should we be trying harder in this century? Sure, technical gear has made the sport a lot more comfortable. I have been told many times after perhaps emitting a slight groan at the prospect of nasty weather, “there are no bad conditions, just bad gear!”

OK fine, but I’m thinking more about the whole ensemble. The Hawai’in shirt thing is now overplayed, and of course the super-technical team gear is starting to look (and smell) a bit gamey in the tent. I’m not necessarily recommending that we all sprint back and change into blazers and ties before heading for the keg, but maybe we can run some seersucker? Perhaps some plus fours? Ladies have a number of cool options, too. Swap out the trucker hat for a wide brim with flowers. Maybe after racing, kick off the neoprene hiking shorts for ankle-length pleated skirts? And we can all get this done in the Club parking lot, as usual (at least, that’s my usual).



Obviously, I am going to have to do a lot of lobbying to get this sort of culture change to happen. WindCheck may even have to sponsor an event, but only if teams dress according to certain guidelines. And at our event, we are going to have “posing” lessons. Nobody stands like that for a picture anymore! It is definitely a lost art that we can revive by having a style coach at the registration table. (I have some tutors in mind…Andy Green could probably help, but other recommendations are appreciated.) Right after your team weighs in, they line up for a quick picture and some lessons on how to look more rakish.

All right then…we have the germ of a plan to bring some style back into the sport!

See you on the water…looking jaunty!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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