I thoroughly enjoyed reading Derek Rupe’s article “Adventures in Docking” [April 2017].

It reminded of the words my father told us when we grew up sailing out of Norwalk, CT. He said there are two ways to dock a boat. The first is to come in like the summer blockbuster that everyone remembers, and the second is to come in like that B movie that everyone forgets. He’d say, “Let’s try to be that B movie! I’ve shared that story with my children and over the years I am very thankful they “make me look good” coming in.

Carleton Mitchell, an American yachtsman, is quoted in saying: “The trickiest part of a voyage or cruise may turn out to be the short leg between any harbor entrance and dock, both on the way in and the way out.”

Alan H. Liebnick, Fleet Captain, Milford Yacht Club, Milford, CT