Editor’s note: Our interview with sailor, author, historian, and safety-at-sea pioneer John Rousmaniere appeared in our March issue. In case you missed it, you’ll find here.

I’m Joe Rousmaniere, one of John’s many younger brothers. I am now a weekend sailor – one weekend every 15 years – but when I was a kid we went sailing with John often enough, usually when he couldn’t  find any other crew.

Seared into my memory was a time we had a nice easy passage south on the Cape Cod Canal; the sun was warm and all was smooth… When we came out into Buzzards Bay, we were met with a violent squall and terrifying waves. Going below and curling up in a bunk not being an option for me, John shouted at me to do this and do that, including a death defying sail change on the foredeck that left me a wreck. All throughout he was enthusing about how we were handling the boat and the wind and the seas. He actually enjoyed it! Here it is 50 years later and he still enjoys it! Good on him.

Joe Rousmaniere, via email

Joe – Sailing with family can be one of the most challenging ways to enjoy (or experience terror in) our sport – but it can also be one of the most rewarding! Regardless of the conditions, we’re sure that a big brother’s support and approval made that day sunny and warm. And no doubt about it, you were in good hands!

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