A novel by David Kushner

Published by KDP Direct Publishing
511 pages paperback

Those who make a living smuggling illegal commodities are a resourceful lot, their efforts at avoiding detection perhaps most famously portrayed in The French Connection with its Lincoln Continental and its heroin-packed rocker panels. David Kushner’s latest book takes that theme to a new level by loading six kilograms of Soviet weapons-grade plutonium (enough to build a nuclear device capable of massive destruction) into the seventeen-ton lead keel of a maxi racing yacht.

En route from Sweden to the Middle East, the boat is somewhere in the Mediterranean, exact location unknown. Among those hunting for it are its owner who hopes to make a killing by selling the “supplemental ballast” to the highest bidder, the Corsican mafia, a former racing skipper and his teenage son, and a tall blonde Swedish police inspector. An excellent shot, expert SCUBA diver, and black belt karate practitioner, she’s capable of inflicting considerable damage of her own. A striking cover photograph by Gilles Martin-Raget promises a compelling read, and the narrative delivers. A thrilling nautical detective story in the finest page-turning tradition, Capsize is available in various formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

An American journalist living in Sweden, David Kushner is an avid yachtsman whose articles have appeared in Yacht Racing Magazine and One Design and Offshore Yachtsman. A former member of the Swedish Cruising Club and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, he’s done a number of offshore races in Sweden and reported the One Ton, Half Ton and Quarter Ton cup races and the Baltic Race, both on film and in print. He has hunted big game in Sweden and actively competes in club handgun competitions. He collects revolvers from the Civil War period and regularly participates in black powder competitions. He and his wife Shoshana travel extensively. ■