I just took a look at the WindCheck Publisher’s Log that I wrote for our June 2019 issue, which was ironically titled “Change!”. (windcheckmagazine.com/article/change/).

Ohhhhh boy…it’s perspective time.

The big theme…the big story…the almost controversial topic was…we had decided to go with glossy cover stock for the first time in the magazine’s eighteen-year history. And we got letters, both pro and con! The Publisher of a “sister” publication (actually more like WindCheck’s aunt) commented to the negative over lunch! And a brother Publisher gave it a decided, “Oh, so look at the new kid” kind of response.

Well, that all seems pretty cute right about now.

Life has now changed for real, in very substantive ways. As we have been mentioning in e-Newsletters and other forums, not all of the news is bad. There is absolutely no question that recreational boating is going to see a jump this summer and that those boaters will largely be related and that a significant portion of them will be getting less screen time on the weekends as a result. Probably not enough to make up for the massive amounts resulting from school closings and quarantine in April and May but still, trending the right way. As I have written about before, it is time to get hold of a family boat and in fact my family is very close to doing just that at the time of this writing! We think we have solved the riddle. Pictures to come!

The calendar of events in our June edition is typically a nine- or ten-page affair and would include listings through July. Due to cancellations and just plain uncertainty, we have trimmed this month’s calendar to one page. On behalf of Editor-in-Chief Zep (and myself, as I dove in to help this month), for God’s sake, please update your websites or whatever means you as an organization use to communicate about the status of your upcoming events! The COVID-19 blanket statement from late March is no longer suitable.

Lastly, a huge Thank You! goes out to the faithful advertisers who’ve stuck with us for this spring’s three issues. They have enabled us to carry on, make payroll, and pay the basic bills. We hope you will reward these essential members of the WindCheck Community as things rapidly move to the new normal economy. This issue may be a touch thin, but as always the stories are great.

Thanks, stay healthy and see you – and your family – on the water!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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