One of the great benefits of our region is the volume of waterborne activity. And despite hand wringing about most everything, this volume seems to be increasing. The recent CT Spring Boat Show, where you may have picked up this magazine, was larger than last year by 25%. The Ocean Race Newport Stopover, with boats expected to arrive May 10-12 and free admission at Ocean Park Live May 13- 21, is going to be a bigger event than last time. Yes, there are fewer of the larger boats but the number of local and regional organizations who are contributing to this festival is 30% larger than last time. A peek at the Storm Trysail Calendar on page 19 shows seven events from western Long Island Sound to Marblehead in the next six months. On page 23, there is a list of seven Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association races or regattas, now through September, starting with the Essex Yacht Club’s Wetherill Race. Later in the book are the instructions for the Annual Whaler’s Race out of New Bedford Yacht Club on June 3.

This is all gleaned from a quick flip through the first third of this magazine. If you pause at the Calendar, the number of events multiplies tenfold with biggies like the Robbie Pierce, Bermuda One-Two, Cedar Point OneDesign, NYYC Annual and Marion Bermuda jumping off the page. Block Island Race Week presented by Margaritaville (“Is Jimmy coming?” asks everyone) and The Clagett in Newport round it out, which only gets us through June!

Do you know what else is in this edition besides the usual great columns? Thanks to Tom Darling from his Classic Conversations, a derivative of his Conversations with Classic Boats podcast, we have a “time machine” interview with Dave Perry. Tom, did you ask Dave if you could call him a “classic”? I ask because he looks pretty much the same as he did in 1983 (and we don’t doctor our photos in WindCheck…not even for Dave). Makes me want to go find my Laser practice sail and get working!

Well, alright then…begin reading, pick your events, or lose yourself in the Newfoundland Cruise article by CCA Commodore Chris Otorowski. You may decide that events are fun but dropping anchor in a port called Happy Adventure (population 118) is more to your taste.

See you on the water!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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