March has arrived and with it, a strange mixture of excitement and stress! And it is not just because we run a boat show at the end of April, (stand by for plug). The CT Spring Boat Show is April 26-28 at Safe Harbor Essex Island in Essex, CT and it is shaping up very nicely, thank you for asking. But this very mild winter so far has had a strange effect. Is that the cause of my anxiety? Is the potential for a “snow rebound” have me on edge? Let’s try and dissect.

Honestly, I have gotten to the age that while I enjoy heading up north and skiing with friends and family and I still do some frostbite racing, the fact is that my hands get cold just walking the dog. So, I’m pretty excited to hear some birds chirping and having the sun warm up the three-season porch with surprising ease. And this kind of weather, while bad for skiing, is pretty enticing and causes one to think about getting the boat ready or really nailing down the summer schedule. (More shameless plugging…do the Northeast Ocean Racing Symposium in March, the Boat Show in April, the Wetherill Race in May, the 40th Anniversary Sail Newport Regatta in July, the Around Long Island Regatta at the end of July and then plan on the Antiqua and Barbuda Hamptons Challenge Regatta in August….all are advertisers…but more importantly, all are great events. And if you need more, check out the Storm Trysail Events Calendar inside.)

And another good thing about closing in on the spring equinox is that if you forget to let the cat in, they can survive in the garage pretty easily for the night. So why the anxiety? I mean it really is all good news, especially for the cat. Maybe it is the feeling that it is coming on too fast. It’s been well known that the child needs new catcher’s gear since before Christmas. And now, out of nowhere, pitcher’s and catcher’s practices have started. (The good news is that he looks really big in his current gear because it fit him perfectly four years ago.) And I know there is a list of winter chores to do for the boat. I think we wrote about making that list in this column last fall. Damned if I know where the list is. It’s just floating around somewhere, causing anxiety, as the sun stays up longer and longer each day.

All right. That does it. Tonight we turn on a meaningless Spring Training game from FL and search for the boat to do list. And tomorrow, adult spring training begins!

See you on the water soon!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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