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I just read your article on Cole. So right you are. I am a grandmother and know nothing about sailing. I don’t know how I found her, but have been with her every day. I pray to Jesus for her success. She is already a huge winner in my eyes. Wow…she even just taught me how to give myself a facial. That girl!!!

Dorthy Demauro, via email

Dorthy – We’ve featured many inspirational sailors on the pages of WindCheck since our first edition in 2002, but certainly none that have inspired as many non-sailors as Cole Brauer. This 29-year-old Long Island native is competing in the Global Solo Challenge 2023-2024, and she’s on track to make history as the first American woman to race a sailboat around the world solo and non-stop.

At the time of this writing Cole had a whopping 373,000 followers on Instagram (@colebraueroceanracing), and we’d wager that a huge percentage of those folks have never been on a sailboat. We won’t be surprised to see sailing schools throughout the Northeast – and indeed around the world – thriving this season as hordes of newcomers sign up for lessons. Go, Cole!!!