One thing that very rarely happens at the WindCheck factory is a concern about what we are going to publish in a given month. And when it does appear that we might be a little light, by the first production meeting we are usually trying to figure out how to fit it all in. There is no lack of compelling stories going on in your Community, ever. Traditional. Professional. Goofy and Fun. It’s never ending! From the Ms. Race at Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club in New Jersey celebrating their 15th year in support of the 180

Turning Lives Around and our local America’s Cup team being the first to foil in the new AC75, recently built in Bristol, Rhode Island, to the Atlantic Class having their 91st National Championships with 27 boats at Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westport, Connecticut, the variety and activity are truly endless in our region. But that’s just another packed September here in WindCheck land, and those events are just the tip of this month’s iceberg!

I love the Atlantic story. The Peck family coming back this year to beat last year’s winner, Steve Benjamin. Those unfamiliar would think this is a David beating Goliath type of story, with Benj’s vast experience, intensity and professional-grade preparation being brought to bear on the, poor, small fleet, locals. Well, not exactly. This is the Peck’s 21st Atlantic title. They are like the New York Yankees of Atlantic sailing! And like the Yankees sometimes do, they brought in talent from outside of “the organization” in Bill Healy. I had an opportunity to sail with relative class newcomer, Rodrigo Meireles who finished third, but a family beach vacation got in the way…Arggghhh! I need to start paying attention to these regatta dates more than one year out. In my household, the family planning Boss books these things way, way out. So when a sailing invite comes in winter or spring, it’s already too late.

But these tangents about my life schedule reinforce just how much is going on in our neighborhood! Not enough time! What about the recent annual Classic Yacht Regatta down at Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, Connecticut capping off a packed summer of classic yacht racing? Never mind that it was the summer of the Herreshoff S Boat, with their 100th anniversary being celebrated from the Sound to the Bays. Read the delightful recap by David Seabrook, in which he highlights that these classic events are not displays of beautiful, mobile, museum pieces but quite the opposite. They are boats that were designed and built, usually by our forefathers right here in the Northeast, to sail – and sail very well – in big breeze.

I didn’t even touch on The Features which this month are the usual variety of important and newsworthy pieces. So enjoy diving into the stories this month, even if you didn’t get to participate in most. We are very, very fortunate to have such a great supply the whole year around.

See you on the water.

Benjamin V. Cesare