Founded to build and strengthen the community of sailors, events and boat classes who are already making doublehanded offshore sailing the fastest growing segment of our sport, Offshore Doubles is a home for everyone interested in doublehanded offshore sailing, from weekend racers to serious campaigns in every country.


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“The primary mission of Offshore Doubles is to help the majority of members who race locally or regionally and to share knowledge from local fleets worldwide to improve the safety, enjoyment and growth of discipline,” said founder Larry Rosenfeld. “We are bringing out forums, member search, event information and tracking via the Sail Insights mobile App powered by SAP Sailing Analytics, which was pioneered in the US at the Oakcliff Offshore Mixed Doubles Event in October. We will also provide ways for boat manufacturers, classes, suppliers and others who provide services to reach our members either globally or segmented in multiple ways.”

“The Olympic Offshore Mixed Doubles Event is an exciting development for our sport, showcasing the thrill and hardship of day and night sailing offshore with 24/7 media coverage,” Rosenfeld continued. “We are dedicated to ensuring its place in the Olympic Games while helping to grow local and regional fleets everywhere through sharing knowledge gained around the world.

Within three weeks of its public launch, Offshore Doubles boasted a membership of over 1,400 sailors from 61 countries, and 15% are women. “We look forward to developing an association that serves the needs of the Offshore Doubles community and ask for input to help guide us in ways that will further that goal,” Rosenfeld concluded. To learn more and sign up, log onto ■

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