Eric Isselhardt, PhD

Eric Isselhardt, PhD

Our friends at the New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS), a nonprofit ocean adventure education organization in Stonington, CT, have announced the appointment of Eric Isselhardt, PhD to the position of President. Isselhardt joined the NESS team as Executive Director of Education in January 2020.

Spike Lobdell, who founded NESS in 2002, will continue to lead NESS in his role as Chief Executive Officer. “The title of President reflects Eric’s leadership role at NESS,” Lobdell said.  “We are excited about the educational opportunities ahead for NESS, and we believe Dr. Isselhardt is in the best position in the role of President to help NESS realize its mission to serve students, teachers, and families.”

Commenting on that mission, Isselhardt said, “NESS is an extraordinary place with demonstrably effective programming that builds equitable learning opportunities through experiential-based learning coupled with social and emotional learning—the deliberate teaching of non-cognitive skills and qualities such as communication, teamwork, self-control, leadership, and perseverance—to increase students’ social and emotional learning skills, academic engagement, and achievement. I am honored to be part of the NESS team that has such a high impact on students.”

“Going forward,” Lobdell added, “NESS will build on its amazing legacy and excellence and focus on providing year-round education and social emotional learning programming to even more students.” For more information, visit ■

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