I am trying to locate the sailboat I grew up with as a boy on the Connecticut coast – a 1962 Ensign then known as Socrates.  It was later known as Second Wind and sailed out of Manhasset, NY, until it was sold (circa 2000) to a buyer in Lloyd Harbor, NY.  After that, the trail has gone cold for me in this nostalgic search (but it’s also a practical search:  I’m interested in buying the boat back if I can find it). 

It is hull # 158 and (at least long ago) had 158 on its mainsail underneath the Ensign class logo.  Would you be able to publish this as a letter-to-the-editor, in hopes that one of your readers may have seen this boat in their local marina, club or boatyard…

Thank you, 

Mark Teitell, Pleasanton, CA

Please email contactus@windcheckmagazine and we’ll forward all correspondence to Mark. Thank you.