By Alex Hapgood

Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 190 pages paperback $30

Book Review: Kiteboarding: Where It’s At… By Alex Hapgood

Book Review: Kiteboarding: Where It’s At… By Alex Hapgood

In his introduction to Kiteboarding: Where It’s At…, author Alex Hapgood recounts a telephone call from Bloomsbury Publishing in which the caller said, “We’ve been taking a look around and there aren’t many books about kiteboarding. Do you fancy putting one together?” Well, our friends at the British publishing house chose the right man for the job.

An avid waterman with an insatiable thirst for traveling to the world’s best kiteboarding and surfing spots (and sharing them with readers), Hapgood has divided this book into parts reviewing the four main disciplines within this exciting sport: Freestyle, Waveriding, Wakestyle and Course Racing. Each of these sections comprise a review of background to the discipline, the equipment, visits to prime locations and major events around the globe, and profiles of the top riders. With more than 200 images from the best photographers in the sport, Kiteboarding: Where It’s At… is the most visually stunning book we’ve ever reviewed. The only thing missing (because it was published five years ago, in 2014) is a look at the newest trend in this still-evolving sport, foiling kiteboards. Perhaps another phone call is in order: “Alex, do you fancy putting a revised edition together?”

Alex Hapgood has edited and contributed to several kiteboarding and surfing magazines and books, including Shooting the Curl, featuring the world’s best surf photography, and Surf Travel: The Complete Guide. Having made a priority of being on or in the water since he was old enough to express an opinion, he lives an equal distance from beaches on the north, west and south of the Cornwall coasts of Great Britain. ■