100 Tips to Help You Get Your Sea Legs

By Michelle Segrest

Published by Navigate Content, Inc., Alabama, USA 133 pages

“In my experience, there are two kinds of sailors,” writes Michelle Segrest in the introduction to her newest book. “Those who get seasick, and those who lie about it.”

Every sailor knows that mal de mer can be much, much worse than the flu, food poisoning, and even a crushing hangover. While there is no cure for seasickness, Segrest has compiled 100 proven tips – through exhaustive research along with a few grueling personal experiences – to help you understand the phenomenon, prevent it, and battle your way through it. There’s also a chapter about helping four-legged sailors cope with rough seas, gleaned from twelve months of sailing heavy offshore conditions on a 43-foot steel ketch with two beagles, Cap’n Jack and Scout.

Segrest includes advice from doctors, sailors, mariners, fishermen and seasoned boat captains, as well as her own recommendations after trying possibly every so-called remedy herself. These tips – some pharmaceutical, some natural, some physical and some psychological – will help you enjoy your time on the water, whether you’re going fishing, kayaking, canoeing…or on your first Vineyard Race.

A professional journalist for more than thirty years Michelle Segrest is the president of Navigate Content, Inc., a full-service content creation firm. Born and raised in Alabama, she first sailed with a longtime friend in Hamburg, Germany in 2013 and the sport “became a part of her soul.” The aforementioned voyage included an Atlantic crossing with passages across the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay, around the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, around the western coast of Africa and across the Atlantic to Brazil and then up the South American coast.

This highly recommended book is available at navigatecontent.com/ebooks, and you’ll find the author’s award-winning blog, “How to Get Your Sea Legs,” at navigatecontent.com/sailing-adventure-blog. ■

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