I confess that on the first truly summer-like weekend of 2022, a couple of weeks ago from when you are reading this, I found myself totally uninspired to write. I was very much more inspired to be on the water, or playing tennis or golf with my son, or eating and drinking outside or playing Canadian doubles with the now permanent badminton set in the backyard. Even cleaning the disaster of a garage ranked much higher than sitting down to the keyboard trying to come up with something clever.

Luckily, I have a very easy solution to these blockages. I simply review the proof of the issue that we are about to publish. Lo and behold! A veritable feast of well-written, interesting and dare I say, somewhat unique stories and columns are right there in front of us! So, I am going to fall back on bragging about WindCheck columnists and contributing writers and photographers because, well, because it’s easy! And, I must admit, it’s way, way easier than cleaning the garage…after the bomb called springtime preparations went off in there.

OK, first up in my braggadocio is Coop. I am pretty sure everyone interested in the Newport Bermuda Race noticed the higher level of communications emanating from the CCA/RBYC team this year. If you have not, I strongly recommend you check out bermudarace.com…heaps and heaps of great videos and interviews. But if you want to get a take from someone watching the whole big picture who is intimately involved in so many aspects of the Race, then read Coop’s Corner this month. You will get a perspective and a recounting not found elsewhere, period.

Some might think we actually have a thematic plan for our issues and you would not be totally wrong. But some months, it just falls in our lap. So this month, Mystic Seaport Museum is the beneficiary with Story Boats: The Tales They Tell, Part II penned by our partner Tom Darling of Conversations with Classic Boats. Story Boats is a must-see exhibit at the Museum that opened May 28. Complimenting that is a great On Watch interview with the relatively new chief curator (not her real title) at Mystic, Christina Brophy. A year ago we had another On Watch with the then-new curator at the Herreshoff Marine Museum, Evelyn Ansel. I had fun teasing Christina about my concept for a new WindCheck-sponsored trophy for “Coolest Curator.” The one-page view into Christina’s very interesting background makes me feel assured that Mystic is in good hands.

Wrapping up my chest pounding for now, did you read the first part of the story in the June issue about cruising off the Colombian coast? Well if not, go back and read it (on the website if you didn’t save your hard copy) and then read the second installment in this issue. This very unique bit fell into our laps when we were working with Ruth Emblin out of Essex, CT on her efforts towards helping Sails Up 4 Cancer and the resulting Gowrie Group CT River One-Design Regatta. Don’t forget to get your hurricane prep tips from our Captain of the Port and of course, another excellent piece from the sometimes irascible but mostly affable Boating Barrister. And seeing as it is now truly racing season, get your Dells on with Up to Speed & Smarts so you don’t miss “the big one” and eat a big number at your next regatta.

See you on the water…with the garage still a mess!

Benjamin V. Cesare