Letters: Whither the Opti?

By Benjamin Cesare

Article Cover

The class daysailers of my time, and even the 7-11 Dyer Dhow, also served as social places. You could take a girl (or vice versa) out on an afternoon sail and she, or he, didn’t need to strap in to hike, or wear a trapeze harness or wetsuit. Much has been written lately, in your publication and others, about the attrition of young people from sailing. Some are bored, a few are traumatized. But overall, unless the lore, camaraderie, and sense of adventure and exploration of the ocean and the planet are incorporated into teaching sailing, this problem will continue.

Checking In

Letter: Don’t miss the JYRA Reunion!

By Chris Szepessy

What the heck is JYRA? Well, at one time it stood for Junior Yacht Racing Association and has since been renamed Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound. We had a reunion of JYRA sailors in 2009, and we have been encouraged to do an encore performance.


Letter: Just take a pebble…

By Benjamin Cesare

As CJ would say, “Awesome!” What an incredible article in the September issue of WindCheck Magazine!! You were somehow able to sum up all the info about the regatta (past and present), and weave the story around the perfect metaphor – the ripple effects of a pebble on a pond.


Letter: Back to Basics

By Benjamin Cesare

If you are thinking of going off cruising, you should read all of these books because – even though today’s cruising boats are bigger and have more electronics than the sailors of the past had – to fully understand and acquire the skills they had and used will make you a more confident and competent sailor.

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