Coboaters, the North America crew finder network, is proud to be a sponsor and to exhibit at the first Northeast Ocean Race Symposium on March 25, Waltham, MA

For the first time ever, the three odd-year ocean races in the northeastern United States are jointly sponsoring an event called the Northeast Ocean Race Symposium. It’s a full day of information, interaction and invigoration with a set of sessions for racers and cruisers to help you prepare for your next race – or just offshore cruising. The in-person-only symposium will take place at Bentley University in Waltham, MA on March 25, 2023.


Why is a Crew Finder Network needed for racing boats?

There are three Northeast Races at this event:

  • The Marion to Bermuda Race
  • The Marblehead to Halifax Race
  • The Bermuda 1-2 Race

All races start from Massachusetts or Rhode Island and finish overseas. Boat skippers and captains may not need to use a crew finder network for the races because they often have their own crew and enough friends to join them, but they often need crew to sail back to their home port or even to sail to the departure port. Take a boat normally in Southern Rhode Island, it will take a couple of days to reach Marion, MA few weeks prior to the race starts. Regular crew may not be available, and the skipper needs to find a solution. He will first call his friends and family but for most skippers, it is not enough. They need to reach out to more people and in this case a crew finder network is the perfect place to find more people because members are motivated boaters who are ready to share experience and to jump on board. Coboaters is the crew finder network dedicated to North America and the best place to help skippers and crew meet and match.

Why is the Northeast Ocean Race Symposium so important?

During this full day of presentations, attendees will have a chance to learn more about multiple related topics such as the races, the preparation, the safety at sea. They will be able to meet an network with other participants and sailors as well as the race organizers. It is a very important part of the races preparations.

Coboaters will offer crew to meet with boat owners and will allow all participants to join our crew finder network for free. They will be able to publish crew requests or boat requests for the races, the boat delivery prior or after the races or for any other sailing events of their choice.

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Coboaters Founder and CEO

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