The November/December issue of WindCheck included an article (“ToD vs ToT”) taken from a too hastily written and submitted email message in which I stupidly said,

“ToT seems just a clever way for race organizers with slower boats to cheat the PHRF system!”

I apologize for that statement. When I read it in print, the thought came across quite differently from what I meant to convey. I do not believe that any of our fellow racers and commendable race organizers intend to be unfair.

I am sure that their advocacy of the ToT formula comes from a belief that it makes racing more fair. My point was only that I do not believe it succeeds in doing so, and I had to wonder if they had thought through all the implications of the formula and the multipliers it uses. Sometimes, when we act without thinking things through, our intentions can be mistaken – and I offer my poor phrasing quoted above as a prime example. I am open to fact-based, well-reasoned counter-arguments.


Chris Cole, S/V Ticker