Storm Trysail is working on an initiative to encourage more women sailors to experience sailing offshore. Recognizing that the number of women who race or cruise offshore is disappointingly low, Storm Trysail has created WOMEN OFFSHORE, a new video produced by STC member Gary Jobson, in which 10 highly experienced women sailors share helpful ways to get more women on the water.

WOMEN OFFSHORE is being offered to yacht clubs and sailing organizations wishing to present this important video to their memberships. Free downloads of WOMEN OFFSHORE can be requested by contacting Storm Trysail Club member Charles “Butch” Ulmer at

WOMEN OFFSHORE is the latest addition to the Storm Trysail Video Library. In addition to this new program, this collection offers a range of videos covering specific safety-at-sea best practices. Organizations and individuals can purchase subscriptions to the Safety-at-Sea Video Library at

By making these informative videos available, Storm Trysail seeks to encourage more people to safely participate in offshore sailing. Click here for a 3-minute trailer of WOMEN OFFSHORE.