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Sound Environment

Saving the Sound

By Chris Szepessy

by CONOR GRANT The Long Island Sound is one of the world’s most beautiful bodies of water. With its striking coastline and beautiful coastal towns and its convenient location between Connecticut and Long Island, the Sound is a popular spot for boaters, sunbathers, fishermen, and all variety of outdoor enthusiasts. For all those who have spent time…

Coop's Corner

Scouting New Territory

By Joe Cooper

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Tiverton is the kind of place you have to go to, to get to. It is in Rhode Island, it’s on the water, the local high school has boat building and electronics classes, and there’s a good junior sailing program at Tiverton Yacht Club.


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

By Benjamin Cesare

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We can all agree on this: The magnetic steering compass, although an ancient “technology,” is a simple, failsafe tool that will help you get home when gremlins defeat your modern-age GPS chartplotter, radar, and other more sophisticated navigational devices,

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