Conanicut Marina

On Watch

On Watch – Gregor Tarjan

By Chris Szepessy

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Gregor Tarjan is one of the most passionate people we’ve ever met. The founder and owner of Aeroyacht Ltd. in East Setauket, NY, Gregor has unbridled enthusiasm for designing and sailing fast multihull yachts and restoring and driving vintage race cars. “I was obsessed with boats as a kid, and I started drawing them when I…

Greening the Fleet

By Benjamin Cesare

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by JOSHUA HAGGARTY AND DAN ALBANI, UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND GRADUATE SCHOOL OF OCEANOGRAPHY In 2010, as carbon emissions produced by human activities rose well over 3% in the U.S. to 5,638 million metric tons of CO2, the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) decided to explore ways to make their fleet’s present and future more environmentally sustainable….


Trip of a Lifetime

By Benjamin Cesare

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Artist Leila Daw of Branford, CT. wanted to let us know what a wonderful time she and her family had during her trip to British Virgin Islands, so she sketched and chronicled some of the sights that they encountered along the way.

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