We are running a contest for the best food to eat while cruising and distance racing as will be considered as well! The point is food on the boat; not ashore at a fancy or divey favorite destination eatery with boat drinks. I’ll provide an example.

When we were kids, cruising with my parents on the Menemsha 24, one of the cocktail hour favorites was Vienna sausages. I’m talking about those nasty, semi-firm, two inch long sausages that came packed vertically in a pop top can. You would never serve those to guests at home; not if you liked them.

But for some reason, on anchor in a beautiful, unfamiliar anchorage on an August eve, those sausages were a big treat. Dad might get a little grumpy about the oil they were packed in dripping on the teak cockpit sole grate as they were passed around, but only a little. It was most definitely the moment, the surroundings, the cruising with family, that made them taste great.

So with that gauzy memory, we are seeking the best recipes or types of pre-cooked or pre-packaged food to bring cruising. The kind that tastes way better at anchor than at any other time. We have been teasing this for a while and indeed we already have more than a few entries. We plan to sample them at our next production meeting. We will announce the winner at or around the Newport International Boat Show. ■