By Jon Bawabe

Mudnite Madness also features a photo contest, with first, second and third place trophies awarded. This is the third place image, shot by Kevin Carse. (The winning photo, by David Schwarzenberg, appears on the cover.) © Kevin Carse

The Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association’s 12th annual Mudnite Madness Overnite race, on Friday August 9, featured a picturesque night of sailing – a beautiful sunset, moonlit skies, and meteor showers throughout the night. The race started with twelve boats competing in two classes. Prior to the race, Mudnite T-shirts were provided free to all participants.

The race started at 6 PM with moderate winds around 10 knots. From Horseshoe Reef in Fishers Island Sound, the boats rounded Seaflower Reef and headed toward Block Island. The race committee had posted Course 4: ‘round Block Island either way and then back to Seaflower; 55 miles in all. For a refreshing change, the wind held throughout the night, allowing all competitors to complete the course before 6 AM. Line honors went to Kevin Carse’s Aerodyne 38 Screwball, who finished in 10 hours and 19 minutes.

In the money in Class PHRF Spinnaker HP were Luke Georgian’s Nelson Marek 30 IZZY MAYhem (first), Mark Cika’s Capo 30 The Ocho (second), and Kevin Carse’s Aerodyne 38 Screwball (third). In Class PHRF Spinnaker C, Neal O’Connell’s Holland ½ Ton Checkered Demon took first, followed by Robert Bruno’s Chance 31 Arabesque and David Knecht’s C&C 34 Aries. To learn more about the Mudheads, log onto ■


Jon Bawabe is Commodore of the Mystic River Mudhead Sailing Association.

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