By Capt. Nitzan Levy


Members of the Sailors NYC Race Team aboard Veronica before the start of the Around Long Island Regatta © Mary Ann McCruden

Started in 2013, Sailors NYC is the only club in the New York Harbor that offers local sailors an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy recreational sailing on medium-size vessels (25 feet and up). To create a true club environment, we provide a variety of programs for all levels of sailors, including cruising, racing, organized boating events, and social events and educational programs.

The club’s boats are docked at Liberty Harbor Marina in Jersey City, NJ and we have a land location (with office and classroom facilities) at ANDCO, a shared office space located a few blocks from the marina. Club-owned sailboats are available for club members to take out for a day sail at their leisure with their friends and family or with other club members. For members who do not have the necessary experience or those who wish to learn sailing, Sailors NYC offers a well rounded Learn to Sail program, powered by NauticEd, an online learning system where students learn and review basic terminology and drills before attending an on-water practice lesson.

Club Memberships

Sailors NYC is offering members easy access to its club-owned boats between May 1 and October 31, seven days a week from sunrise through sunset for 3-hour time slots. Members can choose between Private Sails, which can be skippered on their own or by a certified captain along with their own crew, or Members Sails, which are open for members of all skill levels and their guests. In addition to on-water seasonal activities, we offer social and educational activities year-round.

Three Membership Tiers

    • Skipper Membership is offered to experienced skippers who are looking to sail with their own crew or with other club members. Skipper Members are required to go through an annual checkout and authorization session to verify their skill level and ensure safe boat operation.
    • Crew Membership is available to individuals of any level of experience who are looking to spend time on the water. Crew Members are encouraged to take sailing lessons through which they can learn and enhance their skills.
    • Social Membership is good for people who are enjoying spending time on the water but do not wish to make the time commitment of a full membership. Boat owners are welcome to join as social members and are encouraged to invite club members to sail on their boats in addition to sailing the club boats.

Becoming a member gives an added value for individuals who are looking to sail and socialize with like-minded people. Social Members get access to the club’s schedule and members contact list, so that looking for crew or a skipper becomes easier.


Cuba Land & Sea Crew © Irene Liebler


Learn to Sail

Our program combines on-water and classroom lessons led by experienced instructors and mentor-members. The lessons are designed for all skill levels, and accommodate beginners and experienced sailors. The lessons follow the curriculum of the NauticED online courses, to which students have access 24/7. Because repetition is key for implementing newly acquired skills, we encourage our students to go on as many as sails they can outside the practice lessons.

Sailors NYC is offering experienced skippers the option to obtain the NauticEd SLC (Sailing License and Credentials), which is the only international sailing license that is accepted in countries where there is a legal requirement to hold an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) certification or the American equivalent, which is the SLC. Skippers who are interested in obtaining the international certificate are required to pass the relevant online courses, present a government approved safe boating license, log at least 50 days of experience and pass a one-day on-the-water assessment of practical sailing and knowledge skills administered by an SLC instructor.


The Sailors NYC Race Team started in 2017, on board Veronica, our 30-foot O’Day 302, which is registered with the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS) and PHRF of the Middle Atlantic. In addition to the Wednesday night PHRF races in New York Harbor, the club participates in two or three other races in the area, including the Around Long Island Regatta.

Sailing Vacations

Sailors Around the World (aka SaW Vacations) is offering full service booking and consultation services for sailors of all levels who are looking to go on a sailing vacation anywhere in the world. We offer organized vacations/flotillas, where one could either sign up for a bunk on a captained boat or bareboat charter as part of the flotilla. In addition, we offer booking services and charter preparation consultation for anyone who is looking to charter anywhere and anytime. Destinations we’ve visited to date are St. Martin, St. Barths, U.S. and Spanish Virgin Islands, Grenada and St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Cuba, Greece, Croatia, Thailand and Seychelles. Destinations on our horizon include Belize, New Caledonia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and The Maldives.

Practice lesson at anchor in Sandy Hook © Nitzan Levy

Local Community Involvement and Outreach

Sailors NYC is a sponsor of the Jersey City Historic Downtown Special Improvement District, Jersey City Pride and New City Kids – Jersey City’s community sailing program – which opens the Hudson River to Jersey City youth through a free five-week sailing and swimming program.

Other sailing community events in which Sailors NYC has participated include:

        • The Sailors NY Meetup, started in 2012, brings sailors together and cultivates our growing sailors community
        • PHRF Wednesday night races in New York Harbor organized by North Cove Sailing
        • PHRF Wednesday Fall Series in New York Harbor organized by Liberty Yacht Club
        • The Liberty Cup Regatta, hosted by Liberty Yacht Club in New York Harbor
        • In August, Sailors NYC’s boats participated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Flotilla to greet climate activist Greta Thunberg, who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on board S/V Malizia II of the Monaco Yacht Club. I was appointed by the UN to be the flotilla captain and our O’Day Veronica – operated by an all-women crew – led the flotilla.


This all-women crew sailed Veronica to welcome climate activist Greta Thunberg to New York City. © Runa Aruna


To learn more about Sailors NYC, please visit

Capt. Nitzan Levy is the Founder & CEO of Sailors NYC.

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