New York Yacht Club American Magic and New England Science & Sailing (NESS) in Stonington, CT have released their “Sail Locker” of experiential activities and resources to bring the technology behind American Magic into the classroom.

The digital “Sail Locker” includes a comprehensive suite of K-8 activities and content, utilizing American Magic’s campaign as a dynamic learning platform to advance students’ academic achievements and enrich social-emotional development. These resources are tailored for schools and community sailing programs across the U.S. to increase access to sailing for all youth and ignite their passion for learning in innovative and unprecedented ways.



“The partnership between the American Magic America’s Cup team and NESS, resulting in the Sail Locker and curricular units, uniquely brings the power of high-tech and high-performance sailing together with experiential education to power all students’ learning,” said NESS CEO Eric Isselhardt, PhD. “This amazing partnership brings opportunity to students far beyond the sailing racecourse by building students’ perseverance and team skills.

The American Magic team and NESS are excited to share the Sail Locker and curricular units with students worldwide!”

By participating in these educational resources, students can explore concepts of engineering and its importance in sailing, identify ways to remove marine debris from waterways while discovering how American Magic is tackling this task, investigate the engineering design cycle that leads to constant advances in sailing and performance, and develop success skills – such as confidence, perseverance, and teamwork.


New England Science & Sailing students put theory into practice under the tutelage of Mark Zagol, Managing Director of Sailing & Operations. (See page 56)

“By harnessing the excitement of sailing and technology, we aim to inspire the next generation of innovative problem solvers,” said Mike Cazer, CEO, NYYC American Magic. “Through the Sail Locker initiative, we are thrilled to share our passion for the sport and its educational opportunities with students everywhere.”

The “Sail Locker” is accessible for free at More activities and resources will be added to the suite leading up to the 37th America’s Cup in September and October 2024. ■