Hello WindCheck,

William Strassberg’s article, and intro by Ralph Naranjo (April 2022; windcheckmagazine.com/article/when-the-wind-is-howling-i-am-thankful-for-our-culture-of-safety/), was a delight. While not new to the ideas (I was Ralph’s editor for The Art of Seamanship), I was thrilled to see them in WindCheck. 

My hope is that crews of all sorts initiate these conversations—especially those on board that might not always feel they have experience or knowledge. An onboard culture that values curiosity and suggestions is a safer environment, with the caveat that those in the captain spot can tolerate open discussions. Not all those I have sailed with share that trait.

Hope you can “borrow” more articles like this one.


Molly Mulhern

PS – The El Faro loss of life was 33, not 133 as printed.

Molly – Thank you for the kind words…and the correction. You can be sure we’ll be borrowing more excellent – and vital – articles on the subject of Safety at Sea for upcoming editions of WindCheck.

Editor’s note: A nautical publisher, editor, writer, and champion of all things book- and sailing-related, Molly Mulhern is the Women’s Sailing Mentor at Rockland Yacht Club in Rockland, ME. You’ll find her article on mentoring, “Sailors Growing Sailors,” at windcheckmagazine.com/article/sailors_growing_sailors/   ■

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