Such a tired title. One that’s used so often that it’s almost a cop out.
However, this month does indeed represent a first-time-in-seventeen years sort of change. I am of course talking about the paper stock of the WindCheck magazine you hold in your hands.

The argument against going from a newsprint cover to a heavier, glossy cover is that WindCheck has always been a down to earth, Community magazine that you can roll up and stick in your back pocket. But honestly, that does not do justice to our amazing photography, 100% contributed by The Community, or the ever-increasing ability of of our faithful Advertisers to deliver beautiful images to which newsprint simply does not do justice. Other books have long since gone this route. And WindCheck did stand out for staying the course with the comfortable feel of a 50# newsprint cover and 35#/85 bright inside…that’s printer-biz language for the paper with which you’ve become familiar…for 184 issues.

But there were drawbacks. Some of those diligent managers who generously distribute ten issues of WindCheck every year at yacht clubs, eateries or hotels didn’t find the newsprint editions attractive. Many readers found the previous grade unworthy of space on coffee tables in their lovely homes…and absolutely no one liked having to clean their ink-smudged fingers after enjoying an issue! Considering the quality of the contents, we feel that was a disservice to The Community. After all, most of the great material we print comes directly from your actions, your writing and photography, and your general inspiration.

And there are large benefits! The photos will look better, both on the cover and inside the magazine. If you take us on your boat (as we hope you do), the slightly more durable stock will hold up better in that environment. And we haven’t gone so far that you cannot still roll the mag up and stick in your back pocket, backpack or canvas boat tote.

We hope you enjoy this new direction, and we are very proud to show off the beauty of not just the images but the words describing your activities on the water, both here in the Northeast (and frequently far beyond, as in this issue). We will keep tinkering to get it just right. Your feedback, as always, is more than welcome.

See you on the water…hopefully with the most recent WindCheck rolled up in your sea bag!

Benjamin V. Cesare