Well, it is pretty obvious that, overall, we in the Northeast are very lucky to live where we do. And within that good fortune, at WindCheck we are entering an outstanding quarter. Let’s start with the cascading effect of what is shaping up to be a record-setting Newport Bermuda Race. Gracing this month’s cover is three-time winner Carina, and it is an epic shot taken by world renowned photographer Barry Pickthall. Barry was kind enough to share not only that photo but also a really good history piece about the race itself. We are honored to have his contributions, especially in such an important year for our friends at the Cruising Club of America and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in this bounce-back running of the race after having to cancel in 2020.

Only somebody of Barry’s skill and pedigree could have knocked off three-consecutive-WindCheck-cover-shots photographer Rick Bannerot from going for an unprecedented four in a row! But that did not keep Rick off our pages, as he did score the four-peat with the latest installment of his superb series of about junior big boat sailing. This one covers one of the most successful Sea Scout Ships in the country, Ship 6 in Norwalk, Connecticut. These operations are fantastic in getting kids the kind of hands-on programming that truly instills the values we want to carry the sport forward. Getting kids into boating has the side benefit of building appreciation for the environment, an aspect that is increasingly crucial as the digital distractions for youth become ever more pervasive.

One way to get your kids immersed is by bringing them to the CT Spring Boat Show! (See what I did there…pretty clever, eh?) But seriously, at the end of the month (April 29 to May 1), we are going to have a fantastic weekend of Connecticut River Museum presentations, in depth Newport Bermuda Race sessions with those who have won it, and deep dive fishing discussions for you striper and tuna enthusiasts and wannabes alike. All of this at the delightful venue of Safe Harbor Essex Island in beautuful Essex, Connecticut. And of course, a nice selection of boats in the water and exhibitors on shore.

Folks have asked, “Will there be any boats this year?” referring to last year’s dearth of inventory caused by the pandemic flurry of boat buying. Well, we are happy to report that we will be approaching normal, with plenty of new and brokerage boats to check out. Special thanks to the brokers who have to work extra hard to make this springtime show work. And while it’s a pretty hackneyed phrase, there will truly be fun for the whole family.

See you on the water…and at the Show!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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