Love, love, love how we get to celebrate the variety of sailing in the northeast. This issue races around Long Island with the USMMA vs the USNA, goes up to Marblehead to look at the history of one of boatings oldest organizations, back to Mystic for annual fun, looks at The Blue Plan for The Sound and then back up to RI to chat with a couple of characters from the Bay.

We like to reflect that on the WindCheck covers. In January, we dreamed of foiling (while safe in our beds)! Then InterClubs in March epitomized the great frostbiting traditions across the region. Then in April, we celebrated a glimpse of the future that we shall soon see on Narragansett Bay with the Mule. Now, we are back to a classic springtime shot. The gorgeous Bermuda 40 yawl Actaea, captured by Rick Bannerot (becoming a habit!) from last May’s Block Island Race. It’s breeze on, the light, water and sky sing springtime, and there’s definitely a “ease vang!” feel to the action, but, all is under control.

Honestly, May may not be quite as calm…frankly it is packed. We kick it off at WindCheck with a boutique boat show created by and for the yachting industry Brokers and Suppliers from around the area, hosted by the Essex Island Marina in Essex, CT. This year we are fortunate to have four very high quality charities represented. Sails Up 4 Cancer is our traditional partner and last year we raised over $10,000 with them. We hope to crush that this year. Then we are doing a little bit to help out the four clubs in and around Essex; Essex Corinthian YC, Essex YC, Pettipaug YC and the Frostbite Club as they combine to run the CT River Leukemia Cup by hosting their Saturday eve regatta party. We couldn’t be happier to help them and their Honorary Skipper and long time WindCheck friend Bear Hovey who is on the mend from a brutal bout with the blood born cancer.

The other two organizations are just as near and dear. CT Fund For The Environment/Save The Sound and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, headquartered in Plymouth, MA. Both groups contribute regularly to these pages and are exhibiting at the Show. We sincerely hope you stop by and become a Member of these worthy groups. And then…go buy a boat or some electronics or get your finances in order so you can……buy a boat!

Then the rest of May will be a blur. Commissioning, race or cruise schedules getting set, school schedules racing to the end of another year, will be priorities. So remember to set this issue somewhere handy (or bookmark it on so when you do remember to take a breather, you can enjoy some of the changing weather with some great reading.

See you on the water!

Benjamin V. Cesare

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