Coboaters, the Rhode Island-based co-boating club of North America, is now affiliated with NauticED. NauticED is an online sailing school. This new partnership will allow Coboaters members to access online sailing lessons and will help NauticED students find boats and crew and start their co-boating adventures.


Coboaters introduced the concept of co-boating in North America in early 2022. Co-boating means sharing time on the water and sail more and better with friends. Skippers share their boat while crew members share their time, skills and experience. On one hand,  a lot of boat owners do not use their boat as much as they would like because they do not have enough crew to sail with. On the other hand, many sailors do not practice their favorite activity because they do not have boats. Coboaters works like a social network and allow them to meet on line and to plan their sailing activities all over North America and even worldwide

NauticED provides online sailing training and education. Students learn basic to advanced sailing skills via online sailing lessons and instruction. Once a student has passed a sailing course, NauticEd will direct the student to a local sailing school for practical sailing instruction. NauticED also provides a very advance way to create and maintain a sailing resume online.


“I am very excited with this new partnership because it will help our members and will allow then to learn more sailing skills. Coboaters mission is to provide more boating opportunities and sharing experience. We are the largest crew finder network in North America. With this new partnership we will provide 2 free NauticED online lessons to our members.” Says Phil Perut, Coboaters founder.

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Contact: Philippe Perut, Founder of Coboaters club

Phone: +1 401 391 01 85 email: