Photos: Nancy Restrepo, NYYC American Magic W&YAC Task Force

Newport, R.I. — Over the past nine months, the New York Yacht Club American Magic Women’s & Youth America’s Cup Task Force has assembled a talented core roster of sailors with the drive and ability to claim the inaugural editions of the Women’s and Youth America’s Cup regattas in late summer and early fall of 2024.
“It should come as no surprise that the United States has a wealth of young sailing talent,” says Peter McClennen, co-director of the Task Force. “We’ve been very pleased with the quantity and the quality of the sailors who have tried out for our squad. We have a great core of athletes that will be competing at the highest levels of our sport this coming summer and fall.”
Complacency, however, is the kryptonite of an America’s Cup campaign. While current team members are spread across the globe sailing in everything from TP52s to Olympic class yachts to foiling monohulls and mulithulls, the Task Force has scheduled an Open Evaluation Event for this June in Newport in Persico 69F foiling monohulls.
“There are two things you can never have enough of in pursuit of sailing’s biggest trophies: time and talent,” says Suzy Leech, co-director the Task Force and an America’s Cup veteran. “We will continue to beat the bushes to see if there are other sailors out there who can help our program. We are looking for sailors with demonstrated high-performance sailing skills, especially those with foiling experience. However, any youth or female sailor who believes they have the skills to sail at the highest level should consider applying.”
Applications for the Open Evaluation Event are due by Friday, May 19. Accepted sailors will be invited to attend the two-day Evaluation Event, June 17 to 18. Based on performance during the Evaluation, a select group of athletes will be asked to continue for a three-day training session, June 19 to 21, and subsequent three-day Persico 69F Regatta, June 22 to 24. At the end of the week, team coaches may select any sailors they deem qualified to join the Women’s & Youth AC Team Development Phase.
Each application must include a short resume highlighting high performance sailing experience, and references who can attest to an individual’s sailing skill level. It’s important to prepare those two items before completing and submitting your application here.
“It only takes 4 people to sail an AC40, so at some point we will focus our energy on a relatively small group of sailors,” says Leech. “However, we hope that those athletes that are not selected for our final team will bring their passion for and experience with high-performance sailboats back to their home clubs and community sailing centers. The best way we can ensure American competitiveness in the future is by growing the base of the pyramid now.”