October 20, 2023 – The 2022-2023 ICSA All-Academic team has been reviewed and selected. This year an impressive 277 student athletes have been named to the team. The ICSA All-Academic Sailing Team recognizes Juniors and Seniors who have participated as a competitor or alternate in seven regattas (2022-2023) and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
ICSA All-Academic Committee Chair: Dan Thompson 
Theodore Lutton, Bates College – NEISAHarry Stevenson, Bates College – NEISALilly Mathieu, Boston College – NEISAKatelyn McGauley, Boston College – NEISALibby Redmond, Boston College – NEISAMatthew Hamelsky, Boston University – NEISAAbigail Murray, Boston University – NEISAMadeline Stull, Boston University – NEISAChet Alvarez Swanson, Boston University – NEISACaleb Adams-Hull, Bowdoin College – NEISABrooke Asherman, Bowdoin College – NEISAJonathan Chance, Bowdoin College – NEISAMeghan Gonzalez, Bowdoin College – NEISALizzy Kaplan, Bowdoin College – NEISAKatie Kurtz, Bowdoin College – NEISAHattie Slayton, Bowdoin College – NEISACaroline Bayless, Brown University – NEISAJed Bell, Brown University – NEISASierra Bornheim, Brown University – NEISACharlotte Costikyan, Brown University – NEISAIzzy Cox, Brown University – NEISASpencer Dellenbaugh, Brown University – NEISAWilliam George, Brown University – NEISAConnor Macken, Brown University – NEISABlaire McCarthy, Brown University – NEISACatherine Morrissette, Brown University – NEISAConnor Nelson, Brown University – NEISANora Ong, Brown University – NEISAEmilia Ruth, Brown University – NEISALucian Sharpe, Brown University – NEISALily Shore, Brown University – NEISAThomas Styron, Brown University – NEISABrielle Willoughby, Brown University – NEISAHunter Zonnenberg, Brown University – NEISAKyle Collins, California Maritime Academy – PCCSCBen Louttit, California Maritime Academy – PCCSCJulia Mast, California Maritime Academy – PCCSCClay Myers, California Maritime Academy – PCCSCChloe Hudgins, College of Charleston – SAISALucy Klempen, College of Charleston – SAISANoelle Owen, College of Charleston – SAISAAnna Sherry, College of Charleston – SAISAGrace Squires, College of Charleston – SAISAAxel Stordahl, College of Charleston – SAISAFritz Baldauf, Connecticut College – NEISAMargaret Benson, Connecticut College – NEISACecilia Bohan, Connecticut College – NEISACharles Bresnahan, Connecticut College – NEISAAshley Breyer, Connecticut College – NEISACJ McKenna, Connecticut College – NEISARyan McKinney, Connecticut College – NEISAHarris Padegs, Connecticut College – NEISAMiya Preyer, Connecticut College – NEISARenee Smith, Connecticut College – NEISAAlexandra Tillinghast, Connecticut College – NEISAThomas Whittemore, Connecticut College – NEISAKensie Winton, Connecticut College – NEISAIsabel Dhar, Cornell University – MAISAClara Hewson, Cornell University – MAISAMeredith Moran, Cornell University – MAISAJ.J Smith, Cornell University – MAISADrew Clutterbuck, Dartmouth College – NEISAEliza Crocker, Dartmouth College – NEISAElise Donovan, Dartmouth College – NEISATaylor Eastman, Dartmouth College – NEISAMaddie Hawkins, Dartmouth College – NEISANicholas Hurley, Dartmouth College – NEISAChristopher Long, Dartmouth College – NEISAJames Paul, Dartmouth College – NEISAYumi Yoshiyasu, Dartmouth College – NEISABrooks Jordan, Eckerd College – SAISAMatthew Monts, Eckerd College – SAISAGrace Gunsalus, Fairfield University – NEISAAnastasia Mastrocola, Fairfield University – NEISAAlvin Tang, Florida Institute of Technology – SAISAKenneth Corsig, Fordham University – MAISAElizabeth Cutler, Fordham University – MAISAPeter Lobaugh, Fordham University – MAISALauren Miller, Fordham University – MAISABella Rabeni, Fordham University – MAISACaroline Sandoval, Fordham University – MAISARuby Gordon, George Washington University – MAISAOwen Timms, George Washington University – MAISAIslay Van Dusen, George Washington University – MAISALouisa Buckingham, Georgetown University – MAISAEdward Cook, Georgetown University – MAISAGrace Flanagan, Georgetown University – MAISAEva Fortunato, Georgetown University – MAISAAudrey Fung, Georgetown University – MAISAAddi Harris, Georgetown University – MAISAScott Mais, Georgetown University – MAISARebekah Morrison, Georgetown University – MAISAEmily Panarella, Georgetown University – MAISAKathryn Winters, Georgetown University – MAISADylan Ascencios, Harvard University – NEISALily Bartlett, Harvard University – NEISASarah Burn, Harvard University – MCSAEric Hansen, Harvard University – NEISAEmily Launderville, Harvard University – NEISACorinne Lee, Harvard University – NEISAMarbella Marlo, Harvard University – NEISATyler Masuyama, Harvard University – MCSALachlain McGranahan, Harvard University – NEISAPomai Ogata, Harvard University – NEISAJuliana Ruggieri, Harvard University – NEISAChristopher Wang, Harvard University – NEISAAriel Wang, Harvard University – NEISAHeather Kerns, Hobart and William Smith Colleges – MAISAWill Murray, Hobart and William Smith Colleges – MAISANicholas Sessions, Hobart and William Smith Colleges – MAISATess Weber, Hobart and William Smith Colleges – MAISATommaso Ciaglia, Hampton University – MAISAValerio Palamara, Hampton University – MAISAMarry Grace Mann, Jacksonville University – SAISAKayla Putzke, Jacksonville University – MAISASam Bruce, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAMatthew Elliott, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAMaks Groom, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISADana Haig, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAGrace Mao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAMaaya Prasad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAEmily Scherer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAJemma Schroder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAAbigail VanLonkhuyzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISAWendy Wu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – NEISATeddy Bueres, Miami University – SAISADominic Canonico, Miami University – SAISASandra Heilshorn, Miami University – SAISAJames Nappo, Miami University – SAISAJoe Serpa, Michigan University – MCSAPatrick Cashin, Monmouth University – MAISAJenna Kozal, Marquette University – MCSASpencer Barnes, New York Maritime – MAISANick Chisari, New York Maritime – MAISAMark Modzelewski, New York Maritime – MAISAAdam Larson, North Carolina State – SAISAAbigail Scudder, North Carolina State – SAISACampbell Tate, North Carolina State – SAISAWeatherley Tripp, North Carolina State – SAISAWill Priebe, Northeastern University – NEISAMridhula Subramanian, Northeastern University – NEISAMatthew Beretta, Northwestern University – MCSAAviva Kaplan, Northwestern University – MCSAKatherine Barton, Old Dominion University – MAISAMegan Geith, Old Dominion University – MAISAElizabeth Gildea, Old Dominion University – MAISAParker Purrington, Old Dominion University – MAISAParker Younger, Old Dominion University – MAISAAidan Clark, University of Oregon – PCCSCCalif Chen, Princeton University – MAISAIsabella Impalli, Princeton University – MAISAConnor Mraz, Princeton University – MAISARobert Rubin, Princeton University – MAISAHank Bailey, Roger Williams University – NEISAWilliam Bailey, Roger Williams University – NEISAKatharine Benagh, Roger Williams University – NEISAAidan Hoogland, Roger Williams University – NEISAAnnika Irene, Roger Williams University – NEISAMolly Matthews, Roger Williams University – NEISACallum Robbins, Roger Williams University – NEISACameron Wood, Roger Williams University – NEISAGrace Woodcock, Roger Williams University – NEISAAngelina Khourisader, Rollins College – SAISAConnor Teague, Rollins College – SAISASophia Rosahl, Rutgers University – MAISAFrances Donahoe, Salve Regina University – NEISAPearl Lattanzi, Salve Regina University – NEISAMadison Bashaw, St. Mary’s College of Maryland – MAISALily Flack, St. Mary’s College of Maryland – MAISASam Muir, St. Mary’s College of Maryland – MAISARachel O’Neill, St. Mary’s College of Maryland – MAISAKatherine Shermock, St. Mary’s College of Maryland – MAISAGrace Austin, Stanford University – PCCSCGwendolyn Donahue, Stanford University – PCCSCHannah Freeman, Stanford University – PCCSCMichelle Lahrkamp, Stanford University – PCCSCJustin Lim, Stanford University – PCCSCAnaClare Sole, Stanford University – PCCSCGerrit Bittmann, Stony Brook University – MAISAMorgan Bittmann, Stony Brook University – MAISAJessica Schaefer, Stony Brook University – MAISABrendan Strein, Stony Brook University – MAISAMeriah Kirschstein, University of Saint Thomas – MCSAGregory Walters, The Citadel – SAISACecilia Adams, Tufts University – NEISACelia Byrne, Tufts University – NEISAAmelia Carlson, Tufts University – NEISAAnnika Fedde, Tufts University – NEISADevin Hart, Tufts University – NEISAChloe Holder, Tufts University – NEISASamantha Jensen, Tufts University – NEISACaroline Kelly, Tufts University – NEISAConnor Rosow, Tufts University – NEISAAdelaide Straub, Tufts University – NEISAPatrick Mulcahy, Tufts University – NEISAAbigail Borggaard, Tulane University – SEISAMia Hanes, Tulane University – SEISAAndrea Riefkohl Gonzalez, Tulane University – SEISAKit Stoll, Tulane University – SEISALuc Bay, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAKurt Biedermann, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAEmily Bornarth, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISACarter Boykin-Holland, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAHarlan Brady, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAJacob Earnshaw, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAMatthew Kickhafer, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAWilliam O’Leary, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISALauren O’Neill, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISANathan Olmsted, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISARachel Pelton, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAColeman Pepperd, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISAEmma Snead, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISACharles Tulevech, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISADaniel Unangst, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISACheyenne Waters, U. S. Coast Guard Academy – NEISACatherine Aitken, U. S. Naval Academy – MAISAJonah Hatt, U. S. Naval Academy – MAISAColin MacGillivray, U. S. Naval Academy – MAISAMadeline Smith, U. S. Naval Academy – MAISARyan Martin, University of Southern California – PCCSCSydney Mitchell, University of North Carolina at Wilmington – SAISAJonah Brees, University of California Davis – PCCSCBen Lee, University of California Davis – PCCSCChloe Lighterink, University of California Davis – PCCSCJonathan Hickey, University of California San Diego – PCCSCJulia Roudebush, University of California Santa Barbara – PCCSCLekha Sapers, University of California Santa Barbara – PCCSCKelsie Grant, University of Hawaii – PCCSCOwen Lahr, University of Hawaii – PCCSCTaylor Ledgerwood, University of Hawaii – PCCSCTrey Summers, University of Hawaii – PCCSCMercy Tangredi, University of Hawaii – PCCSCSage Leone, University of Maryland – MAISAAsha Baddi, University of Michigan – MCSAGrace Cannon, University of New Hampshire – NEISAMartin Keene, University of New Hampshire – NEISAJordan Bruce, University of Pennsylvania – MAISATorrey Chisari, University of Pennsylvania – MAISAShaanti Choi-Bose, University of Pennsylvania – MAISAClaire Dubois, University of Pennsylvania – MAISAMadeleine Rice, University of Pennsylvania – MAISAChristopher Sharpless, University of Pennsylvania – MAISALaurentiu Taritsa, University of Pennsylvania – MAISAClare Laroche, University of Rhode Island – NEISATyler Miller, University of Rhode Island – NEISAElizabeth Taylor, University of Rhode Island – NEISASadie Thomas, University of Rhode Island – NEISAMiles Williams, University of Rhode Island – NEISABrilan Christopher, University of South Florida – SAISASydney Monahan, University of South Florida – SAISAOlivia Smith, University of South Florida – SAISARyan McCarthy, University of Southern California – PCCSCElizabeth Amelotte, University of Vermont – NEISAGrace Gear, University of Vermont – NEISAAllison Hansen, University of Wisconsin – MCSASophie Lusty, University of Wisconsin – MCSAAragorn Crozier, University of Washington – PCCSCAmelia Kau, University of Washington – PCCSCMaya Outhred, University of Washington – PCCSCHenry Stier, University of Washington – PCCSCKennedy Jones, Washington College – MAISAEmma Macturk, Washington College – MAISAPayne Donaldson, Webb Institute – MAISAKenna Reed, Webb Institute – MAISACaroline Hurley, Western Washington University – PCCSCEric Newell, Western Washington University – PCCSCAnisha Arcot, Yale University – NEISACatherine Cheung, Yale University – NEISAMegan Grimes, Yale University – NEISABenjamin Markert, Yale University – NEISATeddy Nicolosi, Yale University – NEISAMeredith Ryan, Yale University – NEISASam Tobin, Yale University – NEISAHelena Ware, Yale University – NEISACatherine Webb, Yale University – NEISASydney Zoehrer, Yale University – NEISA

Congratulations to the 2022 – 2023 ICSA All-Academic Team!